BulkMaster Features

BulkMaster has everything you need to manage your business. BulkMaster features this full range of functionality.


Enter jobs quickly and easily into the system. No re-keying of information. Duplicate regular job routes. Refer easily to previous charge rates. BulkMaster holds all your job details from start to finish.

At-a-glance view of past, future and current workload. Click any day to view jobs. Shows allocated and unallocated jobs. See the week's workload in an instantly understandable format.
SMS updates
No confusion over instructions. Send addresses, collection references, special instructions direct to drivers' mobile phones with a single click. No jotting things down, no errors, no mistakes.
* Requires email to SMS subscription
Detailed invoices
BulkMaster accurately and automatically creates your invoices one at a time or in batches. Easily manage your subcontractors, owner drivers, own lorries and third parties.
Got large corporate clients? BulkMaster allows ‘self-billing’. Fool-proof, belts-and-braces system to ensure invoices are produced quickly and accurately.
Google Maps
Ever sent a load to the wrong location? BulkMaster uses Google Maps to avoid costly mistakes. Especially important when you have a client with multiple sites, BulkMaster's ‘route overview’ instantly shows routing errors.
Powerful search
Find any job, any invoice, anything instantly even with limited information. Find all the coal jobs for client X last month. No problem. Got only the collection reference or farmer's phone number? Lost the paperwork? Find the job!
Contractors, customers, self-bills and jobs. Any report can be printed or exported to Excel and some can be automatically batch-emailed. See what each truck has completed and earned.
Take control of your sub-contractors. BulkMaster automatically produces all paperwork for permanent and temporary sub-contractors, owner drivers and third-party, ad-hoc drivers. Each can have their own default trim amount.
Instant financial displays
Quickly see current business figures with projected monthly turnover based on a default load weight. And last month's figures. Never lose sight of how your business is performing.
Accounts package integration
BulkMaster sends all invoice information to your accounts package, with no duplication of effort. Your accountant will be happy as all the detail he/she needs will be viewable in, for example, Sage.
Settings and defaults
Save constant re-typing of values by defining them as defaults, for example truck weight, contractor skim percent.


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