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Saves money
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Bulk haulage software

BulkMaster advanced bulk haulage software is the complete software system. Use it to run your bulk haulage business. BulkMaster has everything that you need:

  • BulkMaster handles all of your paperwork (for example invoices and self-bills).
  • BulkMaster calculates what you need to pay your sub-contractors.
  • BulkMaster produces on-screen and printable reports.
  • BulkMaster efficiently and effectively administers your truck fleet.

Every job is logged from initial contact and tracked through the system right up to invoicing. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, documents and stickies; with BulkMaster bulk haulage software you take control.

At the same time, BulkMaster reduces the number of back-office hours required to run your business. Use BulkMaster to automate your office, eliminate errors and do more with less.

BulkMaster solves all of your logistical nightmares! No fuel or time will be wasted – just a clean, smooth system for your bulk haulage needs.

BulkMaster features

BulkMaster bulk haulage software is rich with smart features like:

  • Google Maps integration: see an overview of the route to check for addressing errors.
  • SMS text messaging: send clear and concise instructions immediately to the driver's mobile phone.
  • Powerful search: find anything quickly and perform complex searches with ease.
  • Accounts package integration: send data to an accounts package, such as Sage.
  • Invoicing: create invoices in batches or one-at-a-time then email to the client.
  • Calendar: view jobs on a calendar interface, with allocated and unallocated ones shown separately.
  • Contractors: manage third-party and contractor-owned trucks as well as directly-owned ones.

BulkMaster is easily scalable, allowing you to increase your business without requiring a similar expansion of your back-office staff costs.

Bulk haulage software